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Sugar and Spice (Arya) by thinlizzy2 for crossingwinter

Knowing Me, Knowing You (Sansa/Margaery, Arya, Shireen) by oxfordsplice for x_disturbed_x

A Thousand Blended Notes (Jon/Daenerys) by littleloonlost for josephcda

Black of Hair (Cersei, Robert, Joffrey, Tyrion, Sansa) by godlessflorin for yunie1281

On the Way (Oberyn/Willas) by mautadite for yaakov

I think you and the moon and Neptune got it right (and now I’m shining bright) (Jon/Arya) by romanogers for bringhersafe2me

The Man That Was King (Jon, Stannis, Selyse, Melisandre, Roose) by bastardofdorne for originally

Smoke (Jaime/Cersei, Myrcella/Shireen) by trebuchettully for dawnerah

with one hand I rocked you and with one heart I reached for you (Asha, Theon, Jeyne P.) by janie_tangerine for minebyrights

The Blood of Kings (Renly, Stannis, Melisandre, Davos, Jon) by plaid_slytherin for godlessflorin

New Plan (Arya, Daenerys) by x_disturbed_x for romanogers

A Splendid Choice (Stannis/Jon) by emynithilien for outboxed

A Kiss is a Promise (Asha/Sansa, Shireen Myrcella) by dawnerah for oxfordsplice

Sing, Oh Muse (Renly/Loras, Arya/Gendry, Sandor/Sansa) by crossingwinter for trebuchettully

Into the Unknown (Asha) by josephcda for thinlizzy2

see i'm smiling (that means i'm happy that you're here) (Theon/Robb) by fictionfangirl for janie_tangerine

Her precious flower (Sansa/Margaery) by bringhersafe2me for mautadite

Out of the Dead Land (Lady Stoneheart, Jon) by originally for emynithilien

My Second Life is Yours (Stannis/Jon) by minebyrights for linndechir

A Thousand Winters Long (Catelyn/Ned) by flyingharmony for littleloonlost

The Secret of Lady Sansa (Sansa/Margaery) by yunie1271 for flyingharmony

With the King's Best Interest in Mind (Jon Arryn, Stannis, Renly, Robert) by yaakov for bastardofdorne

Punxsutawney (Theon/Robb) by outboxed for fictionfangirl

The Second Siege (Stannis, Davos, Renly) by vanaofthevalar for plaid_slytherin


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