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Gold Their Crowns (Jaime/Cersei) by ladybird97 for duron5ever

Confessional (Visenya, Aenys) by thinkatory for littledove21

Like Yours, Mi'Lady Like Yours (Sansa, Jon) by sydpenguinbunny for x_disturbed_x

That Nocturnal Silence (Stannis, Davos, Jon) by emynithilien for originally

Before the Storm (Sam, Gilly, Alleras) by crossingwinter for yaakov

Wife of the Kraken (Daenerys/Yara) by ghostonfilm for netgirl_y2k

Memories (Ned/Catelyn) by sirmioneforever for flyingharmony

May the Best Man Win (Stannis/Cersei) by shadowsfan for oxfordsplice

a minor fall and a major lift (Willas/Sansa) by netgirl_y2k for operaphantom95

Steadfast (Stannis/Davos) by coaldustcanary for thedevilchicken

Promises (Viserys/Arianne, Aegon/Daenerys) by duron5ever for thinkatory

Forgetting to Frown (Stannis/Ned, Robert, Davos) by yaakov for plaid_slytherin

Witches’ Briar (Alysane Mormont) by originally for mautadite

A Good Fit (Stannis/Davos, Margaery/Sansa) by oxfordsplice for vanaofthevalar

a girl has a name (Arya, Sansa, Jon) by x_disturbed_x for ghostonfilm

At Sea (Davos, Stannis, Renly) by attaccabottoni for emynithilien

Radio Summerhall (Aegon V, Rhaella, Aerys) by vanaofthevalar for crossingwinter

The King Took off His Crown (Stannis/Davos) by plaid_slytherin for shadowsfan

Lies and Comfort (Jaime/Brienne) by downlookingup for ladyoftarthpost

The Beholder (Stannis/Selyse) by mautadite for attaccabottoni

Truer Than Steel (Stannis/Davos) by mautadite for attaccabottoni

The Charm of the Past, The Appeal of the Future (Jaime/Brienne, Tyrion/Shae, others) by operaphantom95 for coaldustcanary

Their Master's Voice (Theon/Sansa) by thedevilchicken for sydpenguinbunny

And Rest You With My Love (Ned/Catelyn) by flyingharmony for littleloonlost

Honor (Ned/Ashara, Jon) by crossingwinter for janie_tangerine

Everybody Says That You're So Fragile (Lyanna, Elia, Ashara, Brandon) by netgirl_y2k for ladybird97

in the darkness there’ll be hidden worlds that shine (Jaime/Brienne, Jon/Ygritte, others) by janie_tangerine for downlookingup


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