Barbed Wire Rose: Concept Post

Sep. 23rd, 2017 04:02 pm
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Hi, y'all. This is a concept post for a game I've been brainstorming about for a year or so. Posting this in a public place will help me organize my thoughts, get feedback (possibly), and to finally put this all down "on paper." 

"Barbed Wire Rose" is set approximately twenty years after a nuclear exchange between the United States and the USSR, based off the real-world event of the 1983 nuclear false alarm incident operating on the assumption that the late Stanislav Petrov was not on duty at the time of the false alarm. Instead, the USSR perceives the false alarm as a real nuclear assault and targets the US and their allies. The US responds in kind.

By 1990, only 1/4th of the world's population has survived, mostly in rural areas and island nations. The remnants of the US government has retreated to the relatively unscathed West and has been able to establish some measure of civilization along the eastern side of the Rocky Mountains.

The story begins in the year 2005, and the main character Esperanza is a twenty year old woman who works as muscle for a roving community based in the mountains of Kentucky. Their summer hunting grounds and shelter of Gatlinburg is destroyed in a wildfire, and Esperanza and the survivors are forced to head west into Knoxville as winter sets in, where the mysterious "Sleeping Beauty" rests. No one is quite sure what the "Sleeping Beauty" is, but the city of Knoxville itself is desolate and is reportedly uninhabited.

The player is tasked with keeping Esperanza and her survivor group alive à la Oregon Trail and uncovering the mystery behind Knoxville. The game will begin in the ruins of Gatlinburg at the beginning of fall and will continue until the following spring, a period of about eight months because of the depressed temperatures following the 1983 nuclear exchange.

The obvious inspiration for this comes from games like Fallout or Wasteland, but I was also inspired by Walter M. Miller, Jr.'s A Canticle for Leibowitz, Stephen King's The Stand, and the Crusader Kings 2 mod "After the End."

I'm currently looking for a good engine to program this in, so any suggestions there would be great. I've messed around in Twine, but I'm not sure I have enough experience with HTML to work with it properly.
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1. My little sister is visiting from the Republic of Ireland. She was in a pub in Dublin, and a couple of people asked her what she was doing in Ireland, and she said: "I'm British. I've come to take your land." And then she had to go to the airport and flee the country immediately. Well, no. I mean, yes but no. She's on loan back to a Scottish university to work on a project she doesn't want to be on, for a senior academic that she doesn't much like, for a grand total of zero pounds sterling (something holding references and publications over her head something something.) Sometimes I think about the difference between having a job and having a career, and at the moment I think it's that when I have to do things I don't want to do, at the behest of people I don't like, I at least get paid for it.

On her first day back, she was on a bus where somebody threw a bicycle at the driver, who stood up and chased him down the street. And because she hasn't been living in Glasgow for a couple of years she considered this 'weird' and 'frighting', and not 'a good reason to be late for work' or 'a tuesday'. So I've been loaning her my car, and as my car is held together by string and happy thoughts (that, of course, being the other big difference between having a career and a job) I'd warned her to keep an eye out for any of the engine management lights coming on. Anyway, cue later that night when she called frantic because there was a light on the dashboard that wouldn't go off. It was the handbrake light. She hadn't let the handbrake off, and it was the handbrake light. I love her.

2. I have had Freya - ridiculous mostly labrador, much loved bane of my existence, and reason for getting out of bed on mornings when I just want to go nope - for three years now, and to celebrate my mum made her a birthday cake. Liver & kidney, which, yes, is as disgusting as it sounds. It's worth noting that I have passed thirty-four birthdays on this green Earth, and my mother has yet resisted any temptation to make me a birthday cake.

I've actually been having some behaviour problems with Freya. Earlier in the summer she was attacked by two Vizslas (a couple of stitches in her eyelid, a bad fright, and me nearly coming to blows with the owner.) But ever since then she's been determined to get her revenge in first with almost every female dog she meets.

In almost all respects I think dogs are better than people, but you can't explain female solidarity or internalised misogyny to a dog; then again, you can't explain those to most people, so maybe we'll call that one a draw.

And she's still a total pet with people, so.

3. It occurred to me that I'd never actually made use of the Netflix free trial. I watched Below Her Mouth (porn, basically), a bunch of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries (the best hangover telly there has ever been or will be), two seasons of You Me Her (actually really good), a season and a half of iZombie (I thought the first season was awesome; during the second I thought that the joke that Liv basically becomes the person whose brain she'd eaten was wearing thin, and I didn't give a rat's ass about anything that was going on with Major.)

I tried the first episodes of Santa Clarita Diet (too gross) and One Day at a Time (too much laugh track) but nah.

But the bigger thing was that Netflix has half-assed its crackdown on vpns, so while you can't watch anything, you can see how much better the US version is, kind of killing any desire I had to shell out for the clearly inferior UK version.

4. I have been on this thing of writing for more exchanges in 2017, and honestly, I'm not sure this has been leading to my best work: Exhibit A: my contributions to [community profile] auexchange

Truth, Justice, and a Really Good Dental Plan (Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Superhero AU)

"What I'm saying is: do you think they're trying to Avengers Assemble us? Collecting New York's finest superheroes, and---"

The elevator doors dinged open, revealing Hitchcock and Scully.

"--'Kay," said Jake. "Never mind."

The Morning After the War Before (Person of Interest, Everybody Lives AU)

Sometimes Root wasn't sure that they hadn't lost the war after all, and that she wasn't living out some digital afterlife in the best simulation the Machine could come up with.

Trick or Treat Letter

Sep. 17th, 2017 06:18 pm
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Dear Trick or Treat Creator,

Thank you for writing or drawing for me and having a look at this letter. Which is ridiculously long considering the word count for this exchange, but I am apparently unable to write short letters. I have a few general likes and dislikes listed below. It's followed by a long list of tropes and kinks I like. Then there are fandom-specific sections with some prompt ideas, but if those don't work for you, as long as you include one or two things I like and nothing from my DNW list, I'm sure I will love whatever you write or draw for me.

I never really know what to do with the whole "trick" and "treat" categories for this exchange. I've requested both for all fandoms and I didn't separate my prompts into trick and treat prompts. I enjoy darker fics and I enjoy more light-hearted things, so just go where your idea takes you. I'm generally a big fan of shippy fic and art and many of my prompts go in that direction, but obviously I'm aware that this exchange doesn't match on ships, so don't worry if you don't want to include any of my ships. I'd just ask that you don't break up my ships and pair them up with other characters - I'd rather get gen than fic/art about ships I don't like.

The fandoms are listed alphabetically.

I use the same name on AO3 and tumblr as here.

Trick or Treat Letter )

And that's it! Long, as always, but I hope that means that you will write something you'll enjoy writing or drawing in this letter, dear writer or artist. A prompt you like, or some general likes you'd like to do something with. I'm looking forward to what you come up with! Have a great exchange!

Thank you!
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Howdy, everyone

Sep. 15th, 2017 03:45 pm
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You can call me coconut, if you'd like. I'm a twenty-something-year-old college graduate trying to navigate a world and its people I don't really understand.

I'm into a variety of things, so here's the run-down.
  • A Song of Ice & Fire
  • Fallout (1, 2, and New Vegas)
  • Crusader Kings II
  • Shin Megami Tensei
  • Persona
  • Various k-dramas
  • Tabletop gaming (especially Pathfinder, 5e, and other D20 systems)
  • World building & original fiction
  • Fanfiction (links to & posts about)

Comments are open to anonymous users if you'd like to start a conversation or ask something. I reserve the right to remove any and all comments at my personal discretion and to disable comments at any time.

I am currently accepting ASOIAF fic requests. Please send me a private message either here or at one of the accounts I've listed on my sidebar if you're interested.

Lovely Fics That I Have Read Recently

Sep. 15th, 2017 04:22 pm
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Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters by [personal profile] st_aurafina (Person of Interest; Root/Shaw, Reese/Finch, 52k, Sentinel AU)

In 2001, Harold advised on a project called Cascade, not knowing he was a Guide himself. Years later, he and John, a Sentinel on the run from Cascade, must help Shaw, who has just lost her own Guide when the Project turned on her. Complicating matters is Root, searching for Harold's Machine and interfering with their rescue of Shaw.

THIS IS SO GOOD, YOU GUYS. I don't know the sentinel & guide trope from adam, but this slots it into PoI canon super neatly without ever feeling like it's being explained to you. And is basically just long, and in character, and really super delightful.

Perimeter Oscillations by [ profile] architeuthis (DC movies; Lois/Diana; 14k)

On the trail of a mythological beast, Diana runs into Lois Lane, who is pursuing her own investigation.

Lois Lane is the saving grace of the DCEU's take on Superman, and this gives such good Lois.

Etta Candy's Last Stand by [ profile] sanguinity (Wonder Woman; Etta/Diana; 2k)

This is the way Etta is going to die: trapped between a bed and Diana Prince’s breasts.

If you are having a bad day and puppy pictures just aren't cutting it for you, read this fic, I promise it will make you feel better. It is just super delightful.

Dear Trick or Treat Creator

Sep. 12th, 2017 07:38 pm
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Thanks so much for creating something for me! I'm [ profile] originally on AO3 and most other platforms. 

This year, I've requested fic or art for all of my fandoms but Trick only for the vast majority. To me, this means that I would prefer to receive something that's darker, preferably with supernatural/horror elements, and I have selected characters and fandoms that lend themselves to this. I've also included some prompts for pairings and I'm happy to receive a gift of any rating, including smut and PWP.

In terms of format, I'm open to anything. I love all kinds of unusual and experimental stuff if that's your thing, including but not limited to found footage; mixed media; non-linear; vignette forms; epistolary; interactive fiction; and metafiction.

I've chosen fandoms which share at least one or two of the following themes:
  • weird science and/or steampunk elements
  • themes of life, death and transformation
  • religion and ritual
  • time and/or dimensional travel
  • creatures with xeno potential
  • cannibalism
  • body horror
  • madness
If you choose to focus on any of these elements for your fic or art, you'll definitely make something I'll love!

Other general trope or narrative likes include:Narrative likes )

My kink/porn likes include:Read more... )

And finally, please do not include any of the following in my gift:
  • mundane/modern/"setting change" AUs (ie. canon divergence is welcome; coffee shops are not)
  • A/B/O dynamics
  • mpreg
  • rape/non-con
  • watersports
  • scat
  • public humiliation
  • "lifestyle" or 24/7 D/s
  • daddy kink
  • age play or age difference that’s not canon
  • stalking
  • wingfic for characters without canonical wings

Below are some more specific prompts for each fandom. Some of these sections are longer than others (most likely because I copied and pasted from a past letter) but I'm equally excited for any of them.

American Gods (TV)
Salim, The Jinn | Ifrit, Laura Moon, Mad Sweeney, Easter

I'm going to start off by saying that I haven't read the book, so I would strongly prefer you don't include any book canon elements that spoil future developments in a gift for me. I'd be happy with any of these characters in any combination, or if you want to do something more worldbuild-y with other gods or creatures, that would we awesome too. 

I loved the road trip dynamic between Laura, Sweeney and Salim, so more of that would be amazing. 

What other dirty jobs has Sweeney done for Wednesday? Or for others? How does he square that with his self-perception that he's not "bad"?

Backstory or snippets of the future for either the Jinn, Salim or both together. What other lives has the Jinn had? What is Salim's history? Interpretations of their sex scene would also be very welcome, especially art.

Easter and the whole clash of pagan/organised religion was really fascinating to me. I can think of a lot of different directions you could take a work about her: run with the rabbit motif and do some kind of fertility rite; explore the whole resurrection/"relife" thing in more detail (either with Laura or with others); there's potential for something really dark in the whole feast theme (bloody ritual? cannibalism with the Jesus transubstantiation thing? vore?)

Bioshock Infinite
Booker DeWitt, Elizabeth, Rosalind Lutece, Robert Lutece

Any kind of dark Booker/Elizabeth. Obsessive and twisted love is my jam, so I'd definitely enjoy something where the 'us against the world' dynamic is turned up to 11, especially if they know it's wrong and can't help it, or think that's part of why it's hot. Something like '5 times they did/could have destroyed the world for each other', maybe. Or even the one where Booker lets himself become Comstock, knowing what he knows. 
If you don't ship them, I'd also enjoy some insights on the 'other' Elizabeths and the lives she led/didn't lead as the timelines collapsed. I like the cage/bird motifs, so explorations of her captivity and/or her relationship with Songbird would also be cool. Similarly, I'd enjoy a snapshot of Booker's past or potential lives.
For the Lutece twins, I'd love (again, this is a very incest-y canon) dark incest/selfcest scenarios. Is Robert the first of the alternate selves Rosalind found, or just the one that survived? The one-sided nature of it could be ripe for angst too (see, for example, Robert's ultimatum to Rosalind and her unwillingness to be parted from him; her reference to King Lear could also relate to the tests of devotion).
Alternatively, I'm interested in exploring their meetings with Booker and Elizabeth throughout the game and the DLC, particularly their choice to stay as beings dislodged in dimensions rather than put things back as they were. It fits with the air of detached scientific curiosity even when everything is going wrong and "mad science" for the sake of science, without thought for the consequences. Any variations on these themes would be great. 

Mass Effect Trilogy

I've always been fascinated by Morinth and the concept of Ardat-Yakshi in general: the parallels with vampires or spiders, the fuck-or-die (or fuck-and-die!) elements, the taboo and the sense that they are a 'punishment' for Asari who engage in forbidden behaviour. I'd love to receive a snapshot of Morinth's life before she met Shepard, or her relationship with her sisters, or an exploration of her impersonation of her mother and the way she has to assume her life. 
I'd also really love something with a Shepard who is complicit with Morinth's killing, who enables and finds victims for her as a proxy for sex with her - and maybe who succumbs to her in the end anyway. 
Vivid depictions of Ardat-Yakshi death-sex also very welcome.

Penny Dreadful
Vanessa Ives, Ethan Chandler, Ferdinand Lyle, Victor Frankenstein

Vanessa is a real favourite of mine and I ship her with pretty much everyone, so I'd be delighted to receive any kind of dark sex for her. Otherwise, I'd enjoy receiving something that focused on her witchcraft, or her faith, or her experiences of madness/possession and institutionalisation. 
I ship Ethan/Lyle, and would love anything with that pairing. Lighthearted flirting against the show's backdrop of doom, or capers at the British Museum, or fighting together, or Lyle's academic curiosity about Ethan's werewolf transformation, or honestly anything. 
Individually, I'm most interested in Lyle's relationship to religion and sexuality and society. His encounters with creatures (mummies??) on his expeditions would also be excellent. 
For Ethan, a missing scene from his backstory would be awesome, particularly his life as a soldier, or in the circus, or the Wildwest Show. 
With Victor, I'm most interested in his incredibly fucked-up relationship with his creations, the conflict between erotic/paternal love and the non-consensual nature of his experimentation. I'd also enjoy a missing scene from his past, perhaps his schooldays with Jekyll or others of his early experiments.  
Please feel free to bring in any other Gothic novel or C19th literature characters that take your fancy. Carmilla? The Monk? The Corsair?

Rusty Lake series
Ms Pheasant, Mrs Pigeon, Mr Rabbit, Mr. Crow, Mr. Owl, Rose Vanderboom, Leonard Vanderboom, Ida Vanderboom, Frank Vanderboom, Laura Vanderboom

I really enjoyed the creepy atmosphere of these games and the hints of cosmic horror, though I've only played Rusty Lake: Hotel and Rusty Lake: Roots.
I'd be delighted to receive any kind of worldbuilding piece that fills in something about the world or the characters: backstory for anyone, or an insight from the POV of the hotel guests (surely they realise that they're eating their compatriots? do they know death comes for them?), or some snippet of Vanderboom mad science or family relations, or Mr Owl's motivations, or the wandering Souls. 


I read month to month and am up to date with the story. That said, feel free to just ignore or go canon-divergence on any aspect!
For anyone: an encounter with a space creature (fighty or curiosity or xeno - or a combination!), or a snapshot of a battle.
The Freelancers: Bounty hunters have always been a favourite character archetype of mine (blame Boba Fett and the Mandalorians), so if you wanted to get worldbuild-y with some kind of slice-of-space-assassin-life that would be awesome: something where they work an assignment together, maybe, or they compete, or a glimpse at their downtime? How did they get their sidekicks? Does/did The Stalk have a sidekick? The business with their names is fascinating to me, so if you wanted to centre a story on identity, that would be great.
The Brand said at one point that she went to grad school on Wreath. Tell me that story.         
If you want to go shippy, I am a huge fan of The Brand/The Stalk. I also ship The Stalk/The Will and would be open to The WIll/The Brand or the OT3 version. I like the idea of any of these pairings dropping in for a quick hatefuck, or perhaps we catch The Stalk and The Will in one of their more tender moments between the antagonism and complicated history? For The Brand/The Stalk/The Will, I could see it as either established sibling incest that The Stalk gets tangled up in or some kind of sibling rivalry thing with her in the centre (spider puns abound!). We know The Brand introduced The Will and The Stalk, so is there a love triangle situation maybe? Or perhaps it's a one time thing; they all have a bit too much to drink one day and The Stalk is surprised that they never tried it?
IV: I'm really interested in his themes of duty and family and the consequences of warfare; his PTSD has never really been fully acknowledged by anyone. If you wanted to explore some more of his 'performance difficulties' with Princess Robot that would be really interesting (there's definitely nowhere near enough bad sex in fiction) or perhaps something about their courtship? I'm fascinated by the structure of the Robot royal family: was it an arranged marriage or a love match? 
He recently revealed his sexuality was 'fluid', so something around that would be awesome. Especially if it involved the use of his transformative hands. 
Petrichor: she's quickly become a favourite of mine (so I assume that means she's going to die soon). I'd love a snapshot of her backstory, since the comic has given us so little so far.
I'm shipping IV/Petri pretty hard; if you go there I'm happy with hate sex or tenderness, I don't mind which way you want to take it.
Gwendolyn: I'm most interested in her relationship with Velour, but that missing chunk of time when she and Sophie are off training Sophie to be a Page is also intriguing. 

Sunless Sea

I've selected any for this fandom because I'd genuinely be delighted to receive anything about this world and these characters, including any ship (relationship or the more literal kind...) you like. I have a general fondness for anything to do with devils, the Correspondence, or Sorrow Spiders, so if you want to work those in, that would be awesome. 
Backstory for any of the officers would be great; what did they do before they came on board?
I'm particularly fascinated by the gods of the zee. Are they sentient entities, or ancient magic? What kind of zailor does it take to defy them? What are their motivations?
With the Fathomking, I'd love an exploration of Drownie culture more generally, or a closer look at his otherworldliness - I mean, come on, the guy's wife is a lorn fluke. What can be seen of him is only the tip of the iceberg. Xeno and/or tentacles would be delightful. 
For the First Curator, the tomb-cultist moth transformation really captured my imagination. A snapshot of his past life, or future moth life, or the experience of transformation itself would be excellent. 
For the sentient locations, they must have seen many captains and creatures come and go over the years. Tell me about them. 
For the Pirate Poet, I'd love to see one or more of her tattoos in detail. What were the circumstances that prompted that one? A closer look at her tryst with the captain or history with the Modiste would also be delightful.
For the Wistful Deviless: politics of the Brimstone Convention, or a snapshot of souls she's 'obtained' over the years, or her history (what was she doing during the Campaign of '68? what relationships does she have with other devils, like the Quiet Deviless or the Urbane Devil? why, exactly, is she so Wistful?).
I've played Fallen London but not for a year or so; I'm happy for you to use additional lore from there but I may not be up to date with the latest developments. I've also played The Silver Tree. 

The Wicked + The Divine 

I'm up to date as of Volume 5; I read the trades so I would prefer not to get spoilers for the very latest arcs, please.
For anyone: an exploration of who they were before they were chosen, or alternatively who they were in past Recurrences. I'm also endlessly fascinated by religious themes, so any focus on that aspect (e.g. worldbuilding around the Pantheon or the Recurrence, outsider POV on attending their shows, meta stuff around the 'Fantheon', depictions of worship) would be perfect. 
Shipwise, Inanna/Baal, or Inanna/Dionysus (pleasure/fertility themes), or a threesome could be really interesting (and fraught). Also Baphomet/Morrigan with all of its innate loyalty kink, identity issues and darkness.


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