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Round four of the exchange is over. [Poll #1872147]

I should add to that that I won't be home in early November, so the sign-up post either goes up in mid-October so I can do the assignments before I leave, or in mid-November when I'm back. Just in case that makes a difference to anyone.

Btw, the comment fic meme is up and running. More prompts and fills are very welcome. Don't be shy, go and prompt and write. ;)
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I just posted the last fics. The feedback post and the masterlist will be up either later tonight or tomorrow,  but I thought I'd already get the post-exchange comment fic meme running so we can hopefully all spend the weekend writing something. ;) I would very much appreciate if you could help spread the word about this meme on LJ or tumblr or wherever - the more people know about this, the more prompts and fills there are. :)

Rules for the comment fic meme are the same as always:

- please include the pairing/character (and maybe a short prompt/kink) in the comment title - both for prompts and for fills.
- there are both show and book fans in this community, so please warn for book spoilers beyond ACOK in the comment title. Please also warn for things like non-con, violence etc.
- anonymous comments are enabled, but I'd appreciate if we kept them to a minimum. If you absolutely want to go anon, okay, but I'd rather we kept this as non-anonymous as possible.
- all prompts are welcome: smut, gen, romance, crack, fluff, angst, het, slash, femslash ... anything goes.
- the usual: be civil, no character/pairing bashing, no kink shaming etc.

It's perfectly fine to reprompt ideas from the previous comment fic memes, the exchange or other kink memes. If you missed the previous fic memes, you can find the masterlists here, here and here. (Make sure you don't accidentally post new prompts over there, nobody will see them.)

Click here for the comment fic meme.

(In case you're wondering, it's over on the mod account journal because I don't want to enable anonymous comments here on the comm. Comments are disabled for this entry to avoid confusion.)

As with any kink meme, this is only fun if people also fill prompts, not if there are only requests.

Have fun. :)


Sep. 16th, 2012 12:20 pm
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The deadline is today. Unless we've agreed on an extension (or you've already sent in your fic/art, obviously), you should send me your fic/art by the end of the day. If there are any problems and you need a few more days, please let me know. Don't disappear at the last minute just because you were too shy to ask for an extension.

Posting starts tomorrow. Because of the large number of participants, I will be posting two fics (or drawings) per day, not just one like in the previous rounds. I hope nobody minds that change. I mostly didn't want anyone to have to wait over six weeks to see their gift.

And the usual request to all members of the community, not just the participants: please comment. That should go without saying, but unfortunately it doesn't. Of course nobody expects you to read fics you're not interested in, but if you read something anyway and you like it, please take a minute or two to tell the author (or artist) that you appreciate their work. It doesn't need to be long; short feedback is better than no feedback.If you can take ten minutes to read a fic, you can take another minute to write a comment. :) Thanks.

That was my modly nagging of the day. I hope that everyone enjoyed participating so far, and that everyone will like their gift. :)
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Somebody had to drop out of the exchange, and if the last rounds were any indication, there will most likely be more drop-outs in the next days/weeks. Meaning that I need at least one pinch-hitter, probably more. If anyone has the time and feels like writing a second fic, please comment on this post. I'll contact you if I think you might be a good match for the prompts in question. Of course you can still decline then if you don't like the prompts. Thanks to everyone who is willing to help out. :)

And of course, if you have to drop out, please contact me as soon as possible. Don't wait until the deadline. If you can't finish your fic, at least give someone else enough time to write something instead.

Edit: I found someone for the first pinch-hit. Thanks to everyone else who has commented so far. I might contact some of you in the next days or weeks if (when) there are more drop-outs.
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Hello everyone,

Just a quick reminder that the deadline for the exchange is in three weeks, on Sunday, September 16th. There will be a proper check-in post in a week or so, but if you already know that you have to drop out, please let me know as soon as possible. The earlier I know, the quicker I can find a a pinch hitter.
And because there are always people who miss it: if you need a beta reader, you can contact anyone from this list. You can also still sign up to beta read if you want to. If you have any other problems or questions, don't hesitate to ask. :)
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All the assignments have been sent. Please make sure you have received an e-mail from gotexchange[at]hotmail[dot]com. If you haven't, please tell me right away. I hope everyone is okay with their assignments. It wasn't always easy to come up with a solution that would work for everyone, but I hope that I've managed. In most cases, you probably won't like all of the prompts you've been given, but I think that everyone should have at least two or three prompts about characters/pairings they like.

As I said before, if you have any questions about your prompts, please contact me, not your giftee. If you have to drop out, tell me as soon as possible so I can look for a pinch hitter. Don't just disappear without a word.

We have 53 participants this time, that's 10 more than last round (and the reason why the assignments took me so long this time, sorry about that). Thanks to everybody for participating. I hope that you like your prompts and that you'll enjoy writing/drawing them.

Also, fyi: because of the large number of participants, several fics will be posted per day once posting starts. But more about that in a few weeks.
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The sign-ups for this round close on Friday. If you want to participate and haven't signed up yet, you should probably do that soon.

Sign up here.

There's also a sign-up post for beta readers here. Thanks to everyone who has already signed up. You will receive an e-mail with your assignment on Sunday.
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If you're willing to beta read for other writers in the exchange, please fill in the little form down there.

Dear writers, I strongly suggest that you have someone beta read your fic, unless you have absolute confidence in your ability to catch all your typos and mistakes yourself. Don't be shy. The people on this list sign up because they want to help, so you can go ahead and contact them. :)

Beta sign-up:

Your name?
How can you be contacted?
What kinds of feedback can you give? (spelling, grammar, style, characterisation etc.)
Are there any fics (genres, characters, pairings) you refuse to beta read?
Anything else?
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Sign-ups are open until Friday, July 27th.

Sign-ups are now closed.

The deadline for your completed fic/art is Sunday, September 16th.

- sign-ups close on Friday, July 27th
- assignments will be sent out on Sunday, July 29th
- obligatory check-in post on September 1st
- the deadline for your completed fic/art is Sunday, September 16th
- posting starts on Monday, September 17th

Please join AND watch the community so you don't miss updates, reminders, the check-in post etc.!

Please READ the rules in the FAQ post before signing up.

Sign-up form )

Unrelated: the comment fic meme was a bit slow this time around, but new prompts and fills are still welcome. :)
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Hi everyone!

The result of the poll: 58% (28 people) voted for "right away", so we'll go with that. I hope that some of the people who voted for August/September won't mind starting two weeks earlier and will still participate. After all it will be almost August by the time you'll get your assignments. :) My apologies to those of you who would have liked to wait longer.

So here's the schedule for round 4 of the exchange:

Sign-ups will be open from Monday, July 16th, to Friday, July 27th.
Assignments will be sent out on Sunday, July 29th.
The deadline for your fic/art is Sunday, September 16th.
Posting will start on Monday, September 17th.

Any objections to that schedule?

Until the sign-ups open on Monday, don't forget to check out the comment fic meme. :)


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