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Here's the new comment fic meme. As usual, I would very much appreciate if you could help spread the word about this meme on LJ or tumblr or wherever - the more people know about this, the more prompts and fills there are. :)

The rules are the same as always:

- please include the pairing/character (and maybe a short prompt/kink) in the comment title - both for prompts and for fills.
- there are both show and book fans in this community, so please warn for book spoilers beyond ACOK in the comment title. Please also warn for non-con, violence etc.
- anonymous comments are enabled, but I'd appreciate if we kept them to a minimum. If you absolutely want to go anon, okay, but I'd rather we kept this as non-anonymous as possible.
- all prompts are welcome: smut, gen, romance, crack, fluff, angst, het, slash, femslash ... anything goes.
- be civil, no character/pairing bashing, no kink shaming etc.
- please don't derail other people's prompts with comments like "I think this would be better if it was about a different character" or the like. Post your own prompt.

It's perfectly fine to reprompt ideas from the previous comment fic memes, the exchange or other kink memes. If you missed the previous fic memes, you can find the masterlists here: #1, #2, #3, #4. (Make sure you don't accidentally post new prompts over there, nobody will see them.)

As with any kink meme, this is only fun if people also fill prompts, not if there are only requests.

Click here for the comment fic meme.

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All the fics of round five have been posted: you can find the masterlist [Poll #1891992]

If enough people are okay with this, that's what we'll do. If not, I'll post a proper poll to see if the majority wants to wait until March or April or whenever. I'd also like to hear your opinions on whether I should post a poll again after the next exchange or whether I should just decide on a schedule and be done with it.

If you have any other suggestions, questions or complaints, please let me know (comment here or send me a PM/email).

Again, thanks to all of you for participating and making this exchange possible. The comment fic meme will be up tomorrow. It was a bit slow the last times, but maybe people feel more inspired this time. ;)


Dec. 16th, 2012 03:42 pm
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The deadline is today. Unless we've agreed on an extension, you should send me your fic/art by the end of the day. If there are any problems and you need a few more days, please let me know.

Posting starts tomorrow. Since we have fewer participants than last time, I will only post one fic every day for the next week. If I have received everyone's fic/art by then and there are no unexpected last-minute disappearances, I will probably change that to two posts a day after Christmas so you don't have to wait for your gift quite so long. I hope that's okay for everybody.

And the usual request to all members of the community, not just the participants: please, please comment. After every exchange round I hear from some people how disappointed they are by the lack of comments in this community, and I think it's really a pity that many people can't be bothered to leave a short comment on a fic they like. Nobody expects you to read fics you're not interested in, but if you read something anyway, it doesn't take that much time and effort to write one or two sentences to tell the author you liked their work. Of course you don't 'owe' anyone comments, it's just a nice thing to do. And it should go without saying that you are expected to leave a proper comment on the fic/art made just for you; anything else is just rude to the person who spent so much time writing/drawing something for you.

/modly nagging. I hope everyone enjoyed participating so far and will like their gift.
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The deadline is in two weeks. I hope everyone is making good progress with their fic/art. Please reply to this post to let me know if you're still around and whether you'll be done in time or not. If you have to drop out, please tell me NOW so I can find a pinch hitter. Don't wait until the deadline to drop out, and don't just disappear without a word. If you don't reply to this post in the next few days, you'll get a pesky e-mail from me.

When you send in your fic: please include html coding for italics etc. I would prefer to get your fic as a text file, but if for some reason that's a problem, doc, docx or odt are also fine. Just please make sure that your formatting works properly. (If you use Word, make sure that you actually have a blank line between two paragraphs.) Your fic should also be beta read or at least spell-checked very thoroughly.

For both fic and art, please include a header:
Warnings: (don't forget to warn for spoilers)
(Summary, if the prompt was rather vague)

Thank you. :)
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Don't forget that the deadline for the exchange is in three weeks, on Sunday, December 16th. As I said before, I would really appreciate it if everyone could try and finish their fic/art in time and not a week later. I will post the proper check-in post in a week, but if anyone already knows that you will have to drop out, please let me know as soon as possible. It's easier to find a pinch-hitter now than a week before Christmas.
As always, we have a beta reader post in case you need someone to beta for you. You can also still sign up to beta read if you want to. If you have any other problems or questions, don't hesitate to ask.
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I've just sent out the assignments. Please make sure you have received an e-mail from gotexchange[at]hotmail[dot]com. If you haven't, please tell me right away. I hope everyone is okay with their assignments. It wasn't always easy to come up with a solution that would work for everyone, but I hope that I've managed. In most cases, you probably won't like all of the prompts you've been given, but I think that everyone should have at least two or three prompts with characters/pairings they like. Since there was a misunderstanding about this last time: you only have to fill one prompt, not several.

As I said before, if you have any questions about your prompts, please contact me, not your giftee. If you have to drop out, tell me as soon as possible so I can look for a pinch hitter. Don't disappear without a word.

I would also really, really appreciate it if more of you could actually meet the deadline this round. Last time two out of three participants asked for an extension and I find it a bit hard to believe that all of you had a really good reason for that. So please start writing a bit earlier this time and try to be finished by December 16th? I try to be understanding of all your writer's blocks and real life troubles, but it's really stressful for me to keep wondering if some of the people who asked for extensions aren't going to drop out a week or two AFTER the deadline (which happens every single time).

Fyi, we have 39 participants this time. Thanks to everybody for participating. I hope that everyone likes their prompts and that you'll enjoy writing/drawing them.
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The sign-ups for this round close on Friday. If you want to participate and haven't signed up yet, you should do so in the next two days.

Sign up here.

Thanks to everyone who has already signed up. You will receive an e-mail with your assignment on Sunday.

Don't forget that there's also a sign-up post for beta readers.
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If you're willing to beta read for other writers in the exchange, please fill in the little form down there.

Dear writers, I strongly suggest that you have someone beta your fic, unless you have absolute confidence in your ability to catch all your typos and mistakes on your own.

Beta sign-up:

Your name?
How can you be contacted?
What kinds of feedback can you give?
(spelling, grammar, style, characterisation etc.)
Are there any fics (genres, characters, pairings) you refuse to beta read?
Anything else?
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Sign-ups are open until Friday, October 26th.

Sign-ups are now closed.

The deadline for your completed fic/art is Sunday, December 16th.

- sign-ups close on Friday, October 26th.
- assignments will be sent out on Sunday, October 28th.
- obligatory check-in post on December 3rd.
- the deadline for your completed fic/art is Sunday, December 16th.
- posting starts on Monday, December 17th

Please watch the community so you don't miss updates, reminders, the check-in post etc.!

Please READ both this post and the FAQ before signing up.

Sign-up form )
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The poll result wasn't quite as clear as last time, but there were still 40% for 'right away' vs. 26% for sign-ups in mid-November. Since the second option is pretty much the worst one from a modly perspective (because I can already imagine all the family- and Christmas-related drop-outs at the last minute if the deadline is during everyone's Christmas vacation), we'll go with 'right away'.  I'm aware that December is a very busy time for everyone, but I'm sure there will be another exchange early next year for all those of you who won't be able to participate now.

That means that I'll post the sign-up post tonight, and leave it open until Friday next week (October 26th).
The assignments will be sent out on October 28th.
The deadline will be on Sunday, December 16th.
Posting will start on Monday, December 17th.

Because there are always people asking me on Friday night if they can still sign up: the sign-ups are open until I put a big red "sign-ups are closed" on the post. Until then you can still sign up, even if it's technically already Saturday wherever you live.

If there are any questions or problems, feel free to comment here or send me a message.

For anyone who missed it, here's the link to the comment fic meme.


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