Sep. 4th, 2015

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The last fics for round 13 have been posted. I am very sorry about the irregular posting towards the end of the round; I wasn't home much in the last two weeks and didn't always have the time. My apologies; that won't happen again. You can find the masterlist for this round here. If you catch up on any fic and art you've missed, please take the time to comment. This goes especially for anyone who hasn't commented on their gift yet.

If you repost your fic on AO3, you can add it to the got_exchange collection. Thanks to everyone who has participated by writing, drawing, beta-reading, and commenting, and a special thank you to [ profile] yaakov and [ profile] leapylion3 for pinch-hitting. I hope that everyone enjoyed participating and liked the gift they received.

I'm going to figure out a schedule for the next round soon, but I'm thinking that we could fit in another round this year, maybe with sign-ups in early October and a deadline in late November - that way everything should be done before Yuletide and various Secret Santa deadlines in December. Does that sound okay?

Any feedback and suggestions are, as always, welcome. And again, I'm really sorry about the messy posting towards the end.


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